Barrel tiles

Professional Barrel Tile Installation by Best Roofing Company

Barrel tiles as the term suggests is used to describe many different types of semi-cylindrical tiles meant to be laid on the roof in an interlocking pattern. Barrel tiles are also sometimes referred to as Double Roman or Spanish tile, but it is generally a design which has been in use for centuries. It adds a lot of class and style to contemporary homes and commercial spaces.

Professionally Spanish Tile Installation

Spanish tiles are some of the most common types of Barrel tiles used in the United States. Its design evokes a sort of European spirit of grandeur. These tiles come in both traditional Terra Cotta as well as the latest blends of multi-colors as well as aged tile blends. What makes barrel tiles so desirable for home and business owners is the fact that they are so lightweight and thus does not require any additional labor intensive and expensive installation when compared to installing a real old-world barrel clay roof. The roof tile is made from an environmentally friendly material which is recyclable, extremely durable and available in many colors.

Double Roman Barrel Tiles

The best thing about Roman Barrel tiles is that each tile is unique and so it can be blended to create a rather exquisite looking roofline. These A4 barrel tiles give roofs an authentic appearance and yet are comparatively easy to install. The tiles overlap and also fit together. Many roofing contractors nail or screw them down to ensure that they don’t break away during storms. At Best Roofing company we take many safety measures to ensure that the barrel tiles look the best and last the longest possible time.

Advantages of Barrel Tiles

Best Roofing Company has over the years recommended the use of barrel tiles to many home and business owners because they have a very long lifespan. A property owner who wants to ensure close to 50 years of service life can be assured that these are the tiles for them. However, they need to be well maintained. If anything the centuries-old buildings in Europe are a testament to their durability.
Regardless of if the material used is terracotta, cement, fiber-reinforced or concrete, regular maintenance is imperative to ensure their long life. In addition to being aesthetically appearing barrel tiles are also fireproof because stone does not burn. It is also resistant to wind and other types of damage.

Best Roofing Company Can Help You Maintain a Barrel Tile Roof

Barrel tile roofs are prevalent in many parts of America, but many people soon find that they don’t last as long for them. The prime reason being is that either they were not installed correctly or they were not maintained professionally. Cheap roofing contractors often like to cut corners to keep their prices low, but they do so by compromising the durability of your barrel tile roof.

Even though the tiles can last for decades, the underlayment wears out in an average 20 years, after which it needs replacing. Also, foot traffic on the roof can break the tiles and so you can call us to take care of any broken tiles right away before it causes damage to other parts of the roofing structure.