It’s tough to justify a complete roof repair if only a portion of your roof has been damaged, either due to a windstorm, a bit of hail, or a fallen tree. Is it possible to replace only a portion of your roof, or is that just an all-or-nothing proposal? It all relies on the severity and scope of the harm.

Let’s have a look at a couple of scenarios:

A Couple of Shingles Need to Be Replaced

You generally don’t have anything to worry about if you lose just a few shingles here and there during a hurricane. It is vital to get an expert to inspect your roof as quickly as possible, but some missing, curled, or damaged shingles shouldn’t be a reason to worry.

The contractor would determine how much damage there was to the roof’s underlayment or decking. Workers can also replace a few shingles where the previous ones vanished if the underlayment and decking are in excellent shape.

That’s why you must contact your contractor as soon as possible. The longer your roof’s shingles are absent, the more and more damage the underlayment of the roof will suffer. When that’s been damaged, you’re looking at a considerably more expensive repair.

Can You Patch Damaged Areas of Your Roof?

Let’s assume you have a considerable amount of damage focused on only one or two tiny parts rather than losing a few shingles. If somehow the damage is limited to less than half of your roof, you may be thinking if you can fix it.

You could be able to mend your roof if there isn’t any significant water damage. Remember that matching roof color might be difficult, especially if your current shingles have weathered.

Because you may not achieve an excellent match, the patch may be visible. On the other hand, patching could be the way to go if you want to save money and maintain your roof in working order.

What If Half of the Roof Is Damaged?

If half or more of your roof is destroyed, it is usually in your best financial interest to reroof your complete home.

To begin with, reroofing only half of a house might provide some challenges, as the two portions of the roof would be of differing ages. Roof repair will be harder in the coming future as it is far more challenging and costly to roof half of a house than roof a whole house.

It will be considerably more difficult to match the two parts of a roof for a half-roof repair, and it will be challenging to find a way to bring both portions of the roof back on track if you want to sell the house.

Your Insurance Only Pays for A Portion of Roof Repair

You may feel stuck if your Insurance Only Covers a Portion of the roof repair. If your contractor says you need an entirely new roof, but your insurance only covers a partial restoration, it’s difficult to know what to do.

One possibility is to utilize the insurance money to cover as much as possible and pay for the remainder yourself. Although it may not seem like a good idea, fixing your complete roof is a far better alternative for your home’s general wellbeing.

Because most insurance policies won’t cover the cost of the new roof due to general wear and tear, utilizing their coverage for a portion of your total roof repair would save you money in the long run.

What Is the Cost of Replacing Just a Part Of A Roof?

Most individuals choose a partial roof repair because they believe it will be less expensive. In reality, repairing half of your roof rather than the complete roof would generally cost more money per sq. foot.

Finally, if your roof only needs a few shingles changed or maybe a few minor patches, you may hire a contractor to do the work for you.

However, if you ever need to repair more than half of your roof, that’s in your best financial interest to reroof your entire house. Reroofing your home provides you with the highest quality, color consistency, and performance and is the most cost-effective option.

Bottom Line

Throughout the year, your roof shields you from the elements, keeping you warm and dry. Your roof’s lifetime may vary depending on the materials used, your environment, and how well you maintain it, but no roof is invincible. It will ultimately need to be repaired or replaced, whether it’s due to a Fallen Tree or Storm Damage.


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