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Flat Roof Replacement


Flat roofs are perhaps one of the most common roof types in the world despite not looking outrageously great. However, the problem with flat roof structures and perhaps the reason why we at the Best Roofing Company don’t recommend it is that leaks are pretty common. Even if a flat roof is routinely maintained it still springs a couple of leaks each year. When the roof starts leaking a couple of times a year, it is a sure indication that it has to be replaced.

Unlike other types of roofs knowing when to replace a flat roof is not easy. The best way is to call a professional roofing company like ours who will come to assess the overall scope of the issue and then come up with the best possible solution. Ideally, you should leave the decision to repair or replace a flat roof up to the roofing contractor. However, the vast majority of roofing companies may not have the expertise required to understand the complexities associated with diagnosing problems with a flat roof.

When Does Best Roofing Company Recommend Flat Roof Repair?

At Best Roofing Company we tend to decide if a roof needs to be repaired based on our assessment of the situation. However, generally speaking, if we see that the flat roof was professionally installed and is in its service life, we’d probably recommend a repair. Another remedy as opposed to hiring a professional roofing contractor Redmond & in other cities is to probably apply a roof leveling compound which uses light EPMD based materials and applied directly to the substrate. What this will do is level out the area and facilitate proper water drainage.

In some cases, especially of instances of depth and size issues, we’ll recommend installing tapered insulation. The insulation will run under the membrane and then fine-tuned with level compound on the top. If anything, this is a quick and very inexpensive solution to many flat roof problems. However, please keep in mind that for single-ply membrane don’t use roof coating since they are expensive and will chip, flake or peel off after a few years. Also, once a coating has been applied it is near impossible to repair once it springs a leak.

When Do We Recommend a Flat Roof Replacement?

Now, before we go any distance, it is essential to keep in mind that at Best Roofing Company we rarely recommend a flat roof replacement, unlike other roofing contractors. The reason is that many times it is not necessary and also because it is expensive.

A flat roof replacement is recommended if the original material’s service life has ended. The service life might vary from just five years if its made using rolled asphalt to around ten years if it uses EPDM rubber membranes. PVC membrane roofs can last over 30 years.

The other reason why we may recommend a replacement is if the flat roof was improperly installed. The PVC is a great option if you need the flat roof replaced owing to its durability. The only downside is it’s expensive.

Roof Repair Professionals

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