Many people have no idea what Color Shingles they should buy. Most just try to wing it and by doing that what they end up with can best be described as a toss-up between either something that looks appropriate or one that does not. The fact is that most people who are in the market to replace their shingles are spoilt for choice. They have no idea what color to choose because there are so many.
The good news is that we have you covered. There are a couple of things you can do to choose the right color shingles for your home.

Get a Friendly Neighbor’s Opinion

The first thing to find out is if your neighborhood, or complex has a guideline for what shingle color can be used and which isn’t permitted. Even though bright colors and ones with exotic shades look great, there may be restrictions on what hues and colors can be used. The reason there is a restriction is so that all homes look uniform across the neighborhood. So, you might want to consult your neighbor or perhaps contact the association responsible for your neighborhood before making a decision.

Take a Look Around Your Home

Walk around your home and take note of what color your siding is. Maybe you should consider shingles which match the color of the Siding, perhaps ones that accent or clash with the material. Asking and then trying to answer these questions will help steer your decision in the right direction. Sure we are all lured towards vivid colors, but you don’t want shingles that clash with the current exterior color scheme unless you are planning on getting the home entirely repainted from the outside. At least you might need to repaint the siding to match the new colors on the roof if they are bright.

Maintaining Curb Appeal

Apart from your own personal color preferences curb appeal is important and worth considering. You need to consider shingle colors, which are popular, happen to be inviting, and will increase interest. Even if you’re not looking to sell curb appeal still matters more than you think.
Our advice, in most cases, is to buy shingle colors that match the siding to ensure a unified look. However, you can do things a little differently by using accent colors which create personality and depth. You’d also want to consider colors like the trim, landscaping, and doors, etc.

Contact a Professional

You can contact an architect, perhaps an interior designer or a Roofing Specialist, all of them can be helpful. However, most architects unless they are your friends or related to you won’t spend time on giving you shingle color advise. Though most local roofing specialists will help you if they see there is a chance you will hire them to install the singles. So, they may be your best bet for an opinion and later the people of choice to install the shingles.