Whether you are getting a new roof for your house or getting it replaced due to some wear and tear or natural disaster, a proper understanding of the roof installation process is necessary in this regard.

A roof installation or Replacement is a huge, complex task that professionals should only do, an unskilled person can do it, but that is inadvisable. But every untrained civilian needs to understand every step of new roof installation to ensure that your roof is installed correctly.

Here is a step-by-step guide to a new roof installation. The more thoroughly you know about it, the more pleasure it gives to make a good investment.

New Roof Installation Process – Step-By-Step Guide

Here are some practical decisions you have to make; once you have decided to get a new roof.

New Roof Installation Process – Step-By-Step Guide

New Roof Installation Process – Step-By-Step Guide

STEP 1: Choose The Best Contractor

The first and foremost step in this process is to choose the right and best roofing company or contractor.

Now, the question is how to select the right fit for this job? You have to do a little market research to get the best roofing company.

  • High Rated Contractor:

Suppose someone recommends a contractor, i.e., highly reviewed, highly experienced, and highly rated by many customers online (on review websites and social media sites). In that case, this contractor or a company seems to be a good option.

Another option is to do your market research (Online or Offline) for the best roofing company.

  • Must Be Professional

Before making a final selection, the roofing company or contractor must be professional. He should be licensed by concerned authorities and provide compensation and liability insurance to their workers if something terrible could happen.

  • Proper Communication

A good company would guide you in every step, starting from the new roof installation to the end of the process.

STEP 2: Choose The Right Material

Choosing the right material for your new roof is also a tricky task. The best option is to discuss it with your contractor.

Discuss the roof material options, such as metal, shingles, tile, etc., with your chosen company to better know which Roofing Material Would Be The Best, especially in terms of home curb appeal, color and style, and weather conditions.

STEP 3: Removing Your Old Roof

In this step, you can follow this famous saying: “Out with the old, in with the new,” i.e., in many cases, the old shingles can be removed to start a new roof installation.

In doing this, the nearby landscapes must be protected with the help of tarps, and the workers can need a big dumpster to dispose of the old roof remainings.

Removing an old roof is a hectic task; as a result, a huge workforce is required in this process. And this removal is not only to create a space for new roofing but also the roofing inspector can inspect the existing roof deck and replace or repair any damages with a new decking to make a solid base for a new roof.

STEP 4: Protecting The Roof From Water Damages

Drip Edge, a non-corrosive metal, is adhered to the roof edges. The sole purpose is to prevent any water intrusion into your new roof shingles.

After that, the roofers will install extra protective layers in the form of underlayment, and flashing which serves as a strong water resistance between the roof deck and the new shingles.

On the other hand, all the chimneys, pipes and vents, etc., will be sealed to make sure that water can’t infiltrate through any vulnerable parts of the roof, which might cause possible damages.

STEP 5: Installation Of New Shingles

Well! Congratulations To You On Your House, New Roof.

The time of new roof installation depends upon certain factors, such as:

  • Type of roof material, e.g., shingles you already select
  • Size of the house
  • The complexity of the roofline
  • Most importantly, the weather conditions in your region.

Shingles are one of the most commonly used roof materials. It can be installed in 1-2 days or within a week. Other materials, such as slate, will take a long time because it is sensitive and even break or crack if someone steps on to them.

STEP 6: Cleaning And The Final Inspection

After the installation of roofing materials, the job is not done yet. What is left then?

The company workers will start a mission clean-up to remove all the leftover debris, like tools, nails, equipment, excess roof materials, etc. The contractor will ensure the house is neat and clean for the house owner.

The next step is the final and detailed inspection of the new roof. The contractor will ensure that there are no flaws left behind and the roof functions properly. He further makes sure that all the ‘Quality Standards’ have been met in the installation of your new roof.

Bottom Line

A roof installation or replacement is a complex job, so DIY is not a good option. On the contrary, the best option is to call the professionals.

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