Choosing the right style of roof shingle can have a drastic effect on your home décor as well as the overall value of your property.

You may not realize this, but one of the most significant aspects of building a custom home is choosing to create a home that fits your needs and your lifestyle and taste. Now designing a personal space is undoubtedly stressful as many choices need to be made, but one crucial decision is to Pick The Roof Style or Shingle that remains relevant in the long run.

According to a recent survey, approximately 90% Of Home Retailers think that improving the curb appeal primarily depends on Shingle Style and Color. Thus, it’s clear that spending on the right Shingle Style is crucial for a typical homeowner.

With that said, let’s briefly look at some of the popular shingle ideas in 2021. They vary based on integrity, attractiveness, and of course, pricing, so makes sure to follow us till the end.


When it comes to roofing shingles, none can compete with the asphalt ones as they are by far the number one preference of US homeowners.

If you have been shopping for black roof shingles, you are most likely to have stumbled upon Asphalt style. These architectural styles were popular back in the late ’90s, and since then, they have become the main component of American house décor.

The great thing about them is that they provide your gable with a complex roof form that can be later upgraded according to your preferences.

Asphalt shingles are also quite resilient in nature. Most newer models are engineered from high-reflectance granules to protect your loved ones from radiant heat and temperature fluctuations.

Popular Roof Shingles to Level Up Your Home Design

Popular Roof Shingles to Level Up Your Home Design


Design-wise, the Asphalt roof shingles are worth the investment in 2021. They are usually well-textured and complemented by composite exteriors.

Based on your budget and taste, asphalt shingles are available in two different forms (organic & fiberglass). Both of which offer a traditional look to the ceiling without compromising quality.

Finest looking roof shingle Susceptible to wind damage
Quite durable & sturdy Shorter lifespan
An affordable option for most users

2. Wood Shingles

Next to the asphalt styling are wood shingles, which provide better texture, enhanced color pattern, and a featured look.

Like any other shingle style on the market, wooden roofing holds historical significance. They were previously prevalent in North-American colonies and Eastern Europe due to their ease of use and convenient building procedures.

Nowadays, you will find them on typical American homes with wood as a base material. People prefer them because of their unique aesthetic capability.

So, if you want to stick to that classical exterior décor and want to add depth to your residential setting, then wood shingles are good to go. Although they cost a bit in terms of maintenance, when you take into account their durability, they are a great unit.


One of the most common types of this styling is in the form of wood shakes. They are rectangular structures usually thicker at the center with sudden grain or grooves over the surface to provide that textured appearance.

Wood shakes and traditional shingles come in a wide range of color options, so try to pick the one that suits your exterior.

Last much longer than asphalt shingles They are susceptible to molding or insect infestation
Provides a classical feel High maintenance cost
They are flexible

3. Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are another important styling choice for people looking to improve the curb appeal of their living space in a modern setup.

Suppose you are living near the southeast coast or northern region within America. In that case, metal shingles are absolutely worth the purchase as they protect homes from heavy precipitation and increase energy efficiency. Almost every unit is constructed from heavy-duty metal like steel, aluminum, or copper and sometimes a mixture of these three.

Some of the newer varieties are also lightweight and provides fire resistance as compared to regular onboard shingles. With this styling, you can expect up to 70 years of performance without any slight wear and tear.


Metal shingles are specifically designed for modern architectures which need a sleek look. When combined with a full-white exterior, they dramatically enhance your living space’s uniqueness and overall value.

Metal shingles are also in the form of panels. They run from top to all over the rear section, which in turn protects your house from leaks.

Works against water damage Ineffective against noise
Maintenance-free for the most part Requires fasteners
Easy installation

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Bottom Line

All in all, these were our brief thoughts on some of the popular shingle styles in 2021. It could be said that no matter how you look at it, upgrading to a better roofing system is no joke. You have to carefully analyze architectural style, roof pitch, color, and maintenance cost. Just take some time to factor in these aspects, and you will be good to go!